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Welcome to this place of whimsy. May these photographs touch your heart, delight your mind and inspire your soul.

Whimsical photographs that touch the heart.

Touching the heart.

Delighting the mind.

Inspiring the soul.

Whimsy at its best.


Tanya Owens Photography focuses on capturing life in its essence and retooling it as the artist sees it. The end result is an image that truly touches your very essence, tantalizes your muse, and encourages your meditation. Tanya Owens is located in the United States of America.

I launched this website almost a decade ago. During that time I was transitioning from being an external consultant to an internal consultant managing E2E learning solutions at a major pharmaceutical company in their R&D division. I was part of a team that managed clinical trial compliance learning & performance solutions for over 9,000 global internal and external learners for phase 1-4 clinical trials. It was a fast paced enterprise that afforded me the opportunity to be part of cutting edge pharmaceutical research that impacted the lives of millions of people globally as well as managing major corrective & preventive actions (CAPA) after corporate acquisitions and mergers, and in response to a Warning Letter from the FDC to ward off a Consent Decree. As you can imagine working in that kind of environment didn't afford me the opportunity to focus much on building my photography business, although I did try.

Fast forward to now, I am no longer working in that fast paced environment. I actually took a hiatus to focus on my health. I am now writing and revisiting beautiful photographs that I did not develop and make available to the public to purchase and enhance their businesses, organizations, and homes. I am back and focused on the creative arts, breathing life into photos that spoke to my heart and will hopefully speak to yours.

Tanya Owens Photography focuses on landscape, nature, and travel photography as well as inspirational, technical, and organizational/management writing.